is sega ruining VGM? (an analysis)

what i mean by that is making VGM that would fit more in a nicholas sparks movie!

they still do traditional game music but they also do a LOT of sparks-esque stuff too…

here’s some examples:

dreams dreams

(from nights into dreams)

kiss me sweet

(from sakura taisen 5: so long my love)

worth a chance

(from sonic & the secret rings)


this is a problem for VGM traditionalists like myself

so how did this happen?

well you can thank the rise of vocal VGM for this!

that turned game music into every other genre

the success of vocal VGM is definitely problematic for the genre!

unfortunately there’s no way to reverse the effects of this unless video games were to go back to their 8 & 16-bit roots!

i am NOT saying that’s what i want because there are MANY good modern games (& good modern VGM) but i want modern game music to stand on it’s own without over-relying on love or break-ups!

the only developer left who still makes regular VGM is nintendo

they are keeping the regular kind of VGM alive which i commend them for!

however sega is only part of the problem…

the other part of this is square

(for once i am NOT talking about spongebob!)

rather i’m talking about the japanese game developer squaresoft!

they are known for their movie-quality games & vocal opening/ending themes which started with the PS2 game kingdom hearts which was well-known for it’s opening & ending themes

(“passion” and “simple & clean” respectively)

nights may have started this however it was kingdom hearts that REALLY got the ball rolling!