Coming soon: (Game) Music Mondays!

Every Monday I’ll be posting links to game music that coincides with the theme of the week so for example if it was Sega Week I would post classic Sega BGM on Monday,then the Monday after that I would post classic Nintendo or Capcom BGM,etc! The only problem is I’ll have to link to MEGA or Google Drive because I don’t want to have to upgrade WordPress just to use the audio player so I hope this isn’t a problem for you! Lots of exciting things are in store for Operation:VGM so stay tuned!



Why I love game music

Here’s 3 reasons why I can’t get enough of VGM:

1.It makes you think back to your fav level or boss fight

2.It’s just plain good! (for the most part)

3.Game composers are very talented & deserve more recognition!

What do you guys think am I right? Please explain your reasoning in the comments thanks in advance!

About me

Hi my name is Sara but I go by mikurotoro I love video games & VGM! I created this blog to introduce non-VGM fans to the wonderful world of game music so we can convince the US television & music industrys that VGM is worthy of a spot next to all the reality shows & top-40 singers! We can make this happen but I need your help to convince TV & radio stations to start giving a damn about game music!

So how can you help?

Spread the word about this blog to all your friends & family so we can send a message to TV networks & radio stations! Remember there’s power in numbers thanks in advance!


Enjoy the blog!



This blog is for cultivating an interest in VGM but I will not offer any downloads of songs unless it meets certain criteria:


1.the game doesn’t have an official OST (original soundtrack) but has a game-rip


2.the game does have an official OST but it’s out-of-print or out-of-stock


Otherwise if you truly want to support VGM you should buy official OST’s because the composers put in so much time & effort to make the game music we all love! Please if you really want to support VGM you should purchases official soundtracks so the genre can get more popular! Thanks in advance!

Blog introduction

                                                                                                                      Welcome to Operation:VGM!


This blog is all about getting people interested in VGM (video game music)! The goal of my blog is to get people interested in VGM so the TV networks & radio stations will take notice & start airing or playing VGM but that can only happen if we can prove to the networks & radio stations that VGM IS a worthwhile investment!


Why should it be treated differently then top-40 stuff? Because it’s from a video game? People shouldn’t automatically discard VGM just because it’s from a game! I think it’s BETTER then most of the over-rated top-40 crap & you should too! So if you would like to see a change in the TV & music industry please support my blog!

Thanks in advance!