Is game music actually over-rated?

Is VGM as a whole over-rated OR under-rated?

That is the big question on my mind right now!

As much as I absolutely love & adore the genre (if I didn’t then I would have never created this blog after all) I hate to say it but VGM IS slightly over-rated especially because it overshadows other components of a game!

In order to prove my point I’ll use an analogy from a cartoon:

“If music is the heart of a video game then the characters & story are the liver & gallbladder!”

In other words music isn’t the only thing needed to make a game work!

In my analogy above all 3 of those internal organs are needed for your body to function properly & the same also holds true for games!

There is more to a game then just the music

it REALLY ticks me off when that’s the main reason people want to play a game!

Yes I understand a game without music would be dull, boring, & lifeless but still!

Does anyone else feel the same way?

If you do please post how you feel in the comments thanks in advance!

The honest truth is there isn’t a single genre of music that is TRULY under-rated

Not even VGM!

Also just for fun:

can you guys figure out what cartoon I am referencing in my analogy & the episode where said reference originated?

If you think you know please post your answer in the comments!


this is an over-rated & EXTREMELY popular long-running cartoon on Nickelodeon!

*Disclaimer:like I said this is just for fun so you won’t win any prizes or anything!